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Lawyers for expats and internationals

Navigating legal matters in a foreign country can be challenging. Van der Zwan advocaten, founded by Richard van der Zwan, is dedicated to serving expatriates and international clients with these matters.

Why Van der Zwan advocaten ?

Van der Zwan advocaten consists of an experienced team of attorneys characterized by their approachability, expediency and precision. We take a goal-oriented approach in which we always prioritize the interests of our clients. In doing so, transparency and sincerity is our standard. Whenever possible, we prefer to resolve disputes out of court. However, sometimes litigation is unavoidable. Attorney-at-law Amber Agenant speaks fluently english and is available to assist you with your dispute in court.

Our services

Our office serves a wide range of legal expertise in the field of real estate, rental law, construction law, procedural law and debt collection.  We can serve you in matters including the following:

  • In the event of damage to the rented property, what rights are there?
  • If a contractor hasn’t completed his work properly, what recourse is there?
  • When signing a sales contract. Is there any way of canceling it?
  • When a rental agreement has been concluded. When can you expect to receive a deposit back?
  • What action can be taken to stop nuisance caused by neighbours?
  • What are the next steps when receiving a subpoena?


Whether you are relocating, launching a business, facing legal matters, or seeking proactive legal guidance Van der Zwan advocaten is here to help. Contact us by mail ( or telephone (070-789 00 90), to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards resolving your legal matters efficiently and effectively.

Italiano: studio legale/avvocato a L’Aia (Paesi Bassi/Olanda)

L’ avvocato Richard van der Zwan opera da oltre 25 anni con comprovata professionalità per italiani in Olanda e i Paesi Bassi, offrendo assistenza legale e consulenze sia a privati che ad aziende. L’Avvocato Richard van der Zwan è disponibile per consulti e supporto non solo a L’Aia ma anche nel resto del territorio olandese.

Lo studio legale

Lo Studio Legale Van der Zwan Advocaten è presente a L’Aia dal 2001 e guidato dall’avvocato Richard van der Zwan iscrito all’Ordine Avvocati degli Paesi Bassi. Lo Studio è in Adelheidstraat a pochi passi dal Palazzo di Giustizia del L ‘Aia, la stazione centrale e l’autostrada Utrechtsebaan.

Esperienza professionale pluridecennale, sia in sede giudiziale che stragiudiziale, con particolare riguardo a diritto della proprietà, e recupero crediti.


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